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2024 Quilt Challenge

I'm a Star

Your challenge Quilts this year should be inspired by the year of your birth. Summon your creativity. Be as realistic or imaginative as you like. You are the star of this show. Please include some star fabric in your design. If you have questions, please contact chairperson, Liz Spannraft.

Quilt Challenge Guildlines

  • The quilt must measure 20” high and 20” wide, including any borders and binding.

  • There must be some quilting, but embellishments may be added.

  • The piece may be machine or hand quilted, but not just in the border if you have one.  The piece may be professionally quilted with the quilter's name included on the entry form.

  • A label on the back of your quilt is required and should include the quilt's title, your name, and the year made.

  • The name of the seasoning must be in the title of your challenge quilt. 

  • A hanging sleeve is required. The sleeve should be placed 1” from the TOP EDGE of the quilt and should be a continuous sleeve across the back of the quilt at least 2¼” wide and no more than 2½“ wide. A slit may be made in the sleeve by the Art Center to facilitate hanging. Please note: quilts without a hanging sleeve will NOT be accepted.

  • Any quilt submitted for display by Southport Quilters' Guild will be reviewed by a committee consisting of a representative of the venue, the Challenge coordinator, a board member, and the president of the board.  The decision to accept or reject a quilt is final.

Challenge quilt drop off date is Tuesday, August 13, 10:00 am until 4:00 pm at Anderson Art Center, 6603 3rd Avenue, Kenosha. Please be sure to register your quilt for the show. Quilts will be hung at the guild quilt show in September and will be professionally judged.

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