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"Quilts have been binding women together for centuries.  Whether it be through the simple exchange of patterns or a shared bag of fabric scraps, quilting is a true community effort."
~This Old Quilt, Margaret Aldrich, Editor

Are you interested in joining our Guild?  We'd love to meet you!

Here are a few important facts about our group:

  • Membership is open to anyone, at least 16 years of age, who is interested in the art of quilting.  

  • The Guild's fiscal/membership year runs from May 1 through April 30.  

  • Annual dues are $25. Renewal dues are payable at the beginning of the fiscal/membership year.  

  • New members may join at any time. For those joining the Guild after the month of October, dues will be reduced to half of the current membership fee. 

  • Each guild member is asked to contribute a handmade quilted item or an item made of fabric that can be sold by the Guild at craft fairs. This is our primary fundraising method. Members unable to contribute an item to sell are asked to make a $25 contribution to the Guild.

  • Guild members are encouraged to participate in the Hospitality Committee once each year.

  • To help us get to know one another, new members are issued name tags.  Members are asked to wear their name tags to the meetings or pay a 25ȼ fine.

Click here for our membership form. Bring it to our next meeting with your dues payment. We look forward to seeing you!

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