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Southport Quilters Guild

2021 Sewcially Distanced Quilt Show

Let There Be Light

Category 1 - Large, Smallest Side 60" or More, 

Quilted by Hand or on a Domestic Sewing Machine

by Kim Voss

Quilted by Kim Voss

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This quilt explores visible light. From the dark, off-centered black square, white light splits outward into the full color spectrum in radiating waves. I only used scraps of fabric that I had on hand and used a wavy quilting stitch to mimic light's nature of particles and waves. This quilt was accepted into the 2020 Great Wisconsin Quilt Show, and the International Quilt Festival, both virtual that year due to the pandemic. 

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The fabric that Kim used for the back of her quilt continues the theme of refracted light.

All photos courtesy of

Big G Photography.

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