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Southport Quilters Guild

2021 Sewcially Distanced Quilt Show

Memory Garden

by Kathy Basler

Quilted by Kathy Basler

Category 1 - Large, Smallest Side 60" or More, 

Quilted by Hand or on a Domestic Sewing Machine

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I made this quilt in memory of my friend Jan.  Shortly after she died, her husband wanted me to go through her sewing room and take whatever I could use.  I came away with a large bin of Aunt Grace fabrics, and they are the inspiration for this quilt.  I loved the cheery, bright yet subdued colors of these fabfics, and feel that this quilt pattern shows off the beauty of these fabrics. There is a calm, reflective, yet cheerful, quality to this quilt, and I am always reminded of Jan when I look at it.

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All photos courtesy of

Big G Photography.

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